Character name: Pet….Spider Man

Series: Spider man

Brief biography: Peter Parker was born in New York, his parents were spy were spies and when they were killed in action he went on to live with his dad’s brother and his wife also known as uncle Ben and aunt May. After a school field trip gone awry, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider thus gaining his powers. Soon after this his uncle Ben was killed by a burgler and Peter was driven to become a masked hero saving those that needed him.

Character role : Protagonist

3-5 personality traits: Smart, funny, caring, loyal, badass

3-5 abilities your character possesses (if your character has powers): Super strength, ability to climb walls, a “sixth sense” to notice danger before it comes, ability to shoot webbing, natural genius intellect, and master of hand to hand combat

Weapon of choice: my own body and my webs

Quick RP sample:

 The breeze, fell upon his sharp as he soar through the new york skyline, his webbing sticking to the surface of the many building propelled him as he moved to his destination. “I cannot be late for this date, oh geez if I’m late with the only the Mary Jane, Aunty May would kill me. ” He turned toward broadway ave only to be stopped by an incoming projectile.


The evil cackle of the Green Goblin screeched in Peter’s ear as the explosion through him off course colliding with the side of a building.