“No, Peter. I am not better than that… I wish I was, but… it is what I know, what I am good at. What… in theory, I should enjoy. I do not think policing is for me, considering how quickly I was moved from the X-men…”

Finally, she smiled at Peter Parker. Although she would have difficulty getting over their past… at least he seemed to be trying to change himself, to be more responsible, which she admired. Maybe, if he kept changing, she would be able to like him…

“Peter… I have far more money at the moment than you do… do you even have a job yet? I will pay for us both…”

Her voice had lost its usual, dangerous air, and was almost pleasant… hesitantly, she took the proffered arm, feeling a little strange… after being so rude to him for so long, Peter was trying to be nice to her? It was confusing…

"Trust me, you’re way better then this. I can see it in your eyes there’s like a sparkle. Maybe we can take a class or something. Somebody I met said I could be a pokemon trainer….even though I have no idea what that is."

He laughed to him a bit before noticing her lips curving into a smile, he found himself smiling too. When she asked if he had a job it went straight into a frown. CRAP I KNEW I FORGOT TO DO SOMETHING DAMN IT. 

"If you like I mean. as long we both can relax and just eat I’ll be happy." His hand dove into his pocket pulling out his wallet. When he opened it and there was nothing inside he started laughing awkwardly, noticing her voice sounded more calmer he linked his arm with hers and walked down the street.