“Trust me, you’re way better then this. I can see it in your eyes there’s like a sparkle. Maybe we can take a class or something. Somebody I met said I could be a pokemon trainer….even though I have no idea what that is.”

He laughed to him a bit before noticing her lips curving into a smile, he found himself smiling too. When she asked if he had a job it went straight into a frown. CRAP I KNEW I FORGOT TO DO SOMETHING DAMN IT. 

“If you like I mean. as long we both can relax and just eat I’ll be happy.” His hand dove into his pocket pulling out his wallet. When he opened it and there was nothing inside he started laughing awkwardly, noticing her voice sounded more calmer he linked his arm with hers and walked down the street. 

“Trust me, I am not. It is the only way I can truly feel human… besides, it is only until the career I was made for takes off, you understand. At least ,that is how long I intend for it to last, but… I do believe a Norse God has other plans”

She noticed the frown, and shook her head. Very few people had been bothering to find employment, or so it appeared… Then again, Laura had difficulty in even feeling emotions, so the supposed shock of arriving her had dissipated as soon as she had found her apartment….

“If I may be so bold as to suggest any sector apart from one and three? The buildings move around in sector one, and… although sector three has an amazing bar, it is run by gangs…”

Laura was quite surprised to find that she was smiling, and quickly resumed her impassive mask. She had to keep up appearances, and she didn’t understand why she had been smiling in the first place…

“It truly is no trouble, one of the advantages of my career is pay, and considering where I am located… it is easy money, truth be told…”

He smiled at her, “If it makes you happy then I guess? Now whats this about Thor’s family hmm?” He grinned at his friend as they walked down the sidewalk. “Hey there why did you stop smiling? I liked it, everything seemed more at home when you did.”

He was trying his best to get her to smile but she changed the subject and Peter was thinking back to his welcome manual. “Uhm how the cultural area there’s bound to be alot of food that can fit our taste?”

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